Important Uses Of Loose Diamonds

Posted by Admin on August, 27, 2019

Diamond jewelry as rings, earrings, finger rings, necklace, nose ring, and diamond sets make great wardrobe collections and future investments but diamonds have other uses too in its ‘loose’ form. Loose diamonds have no business with beauty. In fact, those are known as the toughest natural substance on earth. In this article, you will get to know the other industrial uses of diamonds. But before that, you should understand

what a loose diamond is?

Commonly when someone asks for ‘loose diamond’, they mean the properly cut and polished diamonds. When a raw and rough piece of the diamond gets picked up from the mine, finds its end product in the form of a loose diamond.

A loose diamond is all set to sell. It can be mounted on a pendant, nose pin, ring, earring, or any other kind of jewelry. Rich people often like to purchase loose diamonds as a safe investment. But whenever someone purchases a piece of loose diamond from the exporters in Mumbai, they are advised for inspecting the 4C factors of the diamond, which are color, clarity, carat, and cut. It is simple to verify the anatomy of a diamond when it is in loose condition.

Various uses of loose diamonds in the industry:

1. Health

Diamonds are eligible to bring several health benefits. Tiny pieces of loose diamonds are used in cancer treatments. Such pieces are diamonds are referred to as nano diamonds which need to attach with the chemotherapy drugs that patients swallow in. Nanodiamonds reflect light and are compatible with human cells. They help in monitoring the treatment outcomes. Nano diamonds are also used in the process of eye implantations to cure blindness.

2. Dentistry

Did you ever notice the tools used by your dentist have a piece of small diamond to its tip? Almost every tool of the dentists contains so. This is necessary to make the cutting edge sharp and hard for performances. And, to everyone’s knowledge, diamonds are the highest scorer on the Moh scale.

3. Beauty

Several celebrities from different parts of the globe speak for the genuineness of diamond beauty goods. Cellulite can be treated with the exfoliator of diamond dust. Many of the loose diamond exporters from India provide diamond products which are used as blurring agent or exfoliator.

4. Computers

Diamonds offer higher resistance against heat and thus it can bear rapid and larger temperature fluctuations, which is even better than silicon. Added to this, diamonds survive high voltages as well and thus used in semiconductors.

5. High-end speakers

Diamonds are used in speakers because they can endure rapid vibration without having any deformation, and it never distorts the quality of sound too. Hence, for unspoiled sound output, diamond included speakers are definitely the dream options.

6. Industrial applications

Due to the unbelievable strength offered by diamonds, it is a useful tool for drilling, cutting, and polishing. Thus, it is an important instrument for the mining industry and military applications.

Hence, loose diamonds have several other uses than to be used only in making jewelry.

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